What is Bible Storytelling?

Our lives are full of stories. Telling stories is an engaging way to bring people together for a common purpose. What better way to draw people into God’s Word than crafting stories in a clear and meaningful manner?

This is a key part of Bible Translation in an oral culture!

It's a great tool for everyone when engaging with God's Word. Through our workshops in South Africa we break down different Bible passages, keeping them accurate to God’s Word, and learn to retell them in a way that is easy to remember and can help the listener hear the story in a new way.

Storytelling in Bible Translation

Many of the translations we work with are oral translations. So they too use the skill of storytelling - often an integral part of African culture.

Get involved with Bible Storytelling

Does this amazing skill of storytelling sound like something you would enjoy learning?


We offer training in Bible storytelling throughout the year which is open to anyone who is interested.

Get in touch if you would like us to bring the training near you.

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