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Welcoming Sarah Madyibi

Sarah Odwa Madyibi

I am Sarah Odwa Xotongo-Madyibi, a Kingdom Ambassador, Nation Builder, and Public Servant. I was born one of three girls to my late parents, who remain to this day my greatest heroes and inspiration. They were both Public Servants and displayed a work ethic second to none. Originally, I am from the Eastern Cape province in South Africa, but have lived in Gauteng province since 2000. I came to Christ in 1998 while a student at the University of Cape Town, a life changing encounter and the greatest adventure of my life.

My academic background is Organisational Psychology, but my career has been in the Supply Chain industry, working for a municipal-owned entity, the Joburg Fresh Produce Market. It was there that I discovered my love for Public Service when I was afforded an opportunity by the then CEO to be the Convener of the Youth Desk while still heading Supply Chain. It was also during this time that I saw God's passion for the marketplace and witnessed countless miracles which transformed both the souls of my colleagues and the wellness of our business. It is this lived experience, amongst others, that I would like to bring with me to Wycliffe SA. I am excited about the theme our Executive Director, Alan Webster, submitted to us for 2023: “Fit to Flourish”. What a confirmation that the Lord has directed my steps to the right place.

What is your role in Bible Translation (or nature of your connection to WSA)? Tell us a bit about what you do

My role is Head of Personnel, and my key deliverable is to provide strategic support on all matters related to our personnel and their development. In simple terms I am here to help create an enabling environment to build the people who build WSA and fulfil its vision.

Tell us a bit about your family

I am married to Langa Madyibi and between us we have been blessed with four amazing boys.

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

I am a minister of the Word and derive great joy and fulfilment in that. I also love physical training and enjoying taking long walks. I enjoy good music, good food, and movies that inspire and make me laugh. I also enjoy training and facilitating, and I’m an avid reader and writer, including poetry.

What is something you enjoy about being part of WSA and/or Bible Translation? 

This I am yet to discover. However, what I look forward to, from listening to the stories and hearts of some of my colleagues, is being part of a vision that will see many in Africa able to access the Word of God in their own language. At the same time they will enjoy the by-products that come with this, such as literacy, community engagement, growth and expansion of thinking and imagination amongst other benefits. As one who is coming into an entirely new space of Bible Translation, I am also excited about the possibilities of my personal growth and development and being stretched to a deeper level of faith in Christ and meaningful relationships that await me. Considering the theme of “Fit to Flourish”, I look forward to seeing the reality of that and playing my part in ensuring that it comes to pass with God helping us.

My motto in life is #LIVEINTENTIONALLY.


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