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Welcoming André Raul

Andre Raul

I was born in March 1973 in a small village called Mayer, in the northern part of Mozambique (Nampula province). I come from a Catholic background and was trained to become a Catholic priest. For that to happen I was sent to do theology in Nairobi, Kenya. Due to the death of my mother in 2002, I returned to Mozambique and gave up the idea of becoming a priest so that I could look after my young brothers and my elder sister who is handicapped. In 2007, Bonifacio Paulo invited me to fellowship in the Nazarene church in Mozambique, and from that day on I became an evangelical Christian.

In 2013 I became a pastor of a local church in the suburbs of Nampula town, then in 2019 I joined an internship run by the Seed Company in partnership with WSA. Finally, on 17 November 2022, I got my masters degree in Bible translation. I am now a CIT (consultant in training).

As part of the WSA team, some of my responsibilities include acting as Field Coordinator for all the Bible translation projects in Mozambique, providing reports, and contributing to the reporting meetings.

As for family, I've got four children (Barakha, Xahid, Thagiri and Filosilvia). My wife is a primary school teacher. We got married in 2002 in the traditional way, and we are planning to get married in church during 2023. 


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