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Sepulana Celebration of Translated Scriptures

Sepulana Celebration of Translated Scriptures

“Education can inform, but the Bible transforms” - Pastor Malele

The sun was shining and the air was full of excitement on the morning of the Sepulana dedication, as everyone prepared for the event. Two years ago a team of cyclists rode 430km all the way from Johannesburg to Bushbuckridge in South Africa to launch the start of the Sepulana translation. When Bible Man rode into this small town in Mpumalanga, he brought the promise of the Word of God in the heart language of the Mapulana.
On the 16th of October, he returned, this time as a token of the fulfilment of that promise. Early on this sunny morning, we met the returning cyclists, and Mpendulo put on the Bible suit to make the symbolic ride back again. The team of cyclists accompanied him over hills and past lakes, complete with a police escort, to the venue of the celebration.


The event commenced with singing and dancing in traditional attire and was well attended by local chiefs and leaders. A full table of audio devices had been loaded with the translated Scriptures, and every single one of them was joyfully received by the end of the day. All key stakeholders had an opportunity to speak, and the day was rounded off with a rousing sermon about the power of Scripture.
With the translation goals of Phase 1 now complete, the team is preparing for the next phase of translation. This will be a 5-year phase, in which they will transition to full-time work to translate the entire New Testament.

By Jennifer Pillinger

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