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Progress in the Midst of Uncertainty (Makhuwa)

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the Makhuwa translation in Mozambique, like many others was adversely affected. The teams' safety was at risk and a lot of time was lost, but, by God's grace, the work has resumed.   

A total of 11 Bible Narratives have been completed! 

The translation teams managed to complete 11 narratives for each of the 4 Makhuwa language variants. These narratives will be checked and, once approved, will be used for community testing. We praise God for all the progress and developments.


Pray for the teams and the nation:

Please also be in prayer for the team as they continue to work together in unsettling times. Just this weekend, in Muidumbe (Cabo Delgado province), insurgents were killing and decapitating people. This week, they decapitated a further 15 children in Palma. Many have been displaced and without food as a result of these violent attacks.

Pray for the violence to end and for God's healing and restoration.

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