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Translation Goes Online (Siphuthi)

Praise God, the Siphuthi online translation workshop has happened, despite lockdown, and has been very fruitful! We thank God for the amazing work He's been doing among the Baphuthi and for making a way for the team to continue translation work - and for connectivity between team members in South Africa, Lesotho and Ghana. 

Initially, the workshop was intended to be only 1 week long (to allow the team to regroup, check current progress and record 8 Bible narratives). However, due to the good progress being made, the team decided to extend the workshop by another week and saw them complete a total of 14 Bible narratives!

Also, during this time, the national broadcaster (in Lesotho) came and documented the workshop. Interviews with team members were aired on both radio and TV, sharing this important work with the whole country.


Pray that the team may continue to work well together and that God would continue to make their time fruitful and productive. Pray for God's grace to cover the team as they work together, and as they test Siphuthi translations among their communities. Pray that God would continue to move with the team and help them in attaining their goal.


We praise God for yet another successful workshop and we look forward to more in the future!

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