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CD Cluster Translators Give Their Lives to Jesus

CD Cluster Translators Give Their Lives to Jesus

One of our translation projects is called CD Cluster and comprises four language groups, all from highly sensitive areas. The first "orientation" workshop was held in May. The purpose was for the facilitators to meet the local translators in person and get to know their background, to know how best to work with them.

It became apparent that all 12 translators have a strong Islamic background. Every morning, the team decided to include devotions in the programme. After three days, two translators gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the men has served as a volunteer for five years at a local Christian radio broadcaster, our main community impact partner. We were told he had not shown this kind of interest before. The other man is from a remote rural area where Christian outreach has been limited. He surprised everyone when he announced he was changing his name from that of an Islamic prophet to Christopher!

Pray for these two brothers as they are the only believers in their extended families.

By Bonifacio Paulo

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