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Scripture Engagement: Stories of Changed Lives

p2 Boy telling storyThe school-boy performing the story at the workshopAn important part of Bible translation is Scripture Engagement. This is where people interact with the Biblical text, allowing the Word of God to speak to them personally. The Holy Spirit helps them to hear the voice of God and discover the unique claim made by Jesus upon their lives. In many African contexts, this happens best by listening rather than reading.

Recently, we were in a workshop in Mozambique where we witnessed the impact of Oral Bible Translation. Each day started with a devotion where a Bible passage is told. One day, a school-boy arrived and volunteered to tell the story of the ten bridesmaids (Matthew 25:1-13). He did it perfectly and with great passion. How did he know the story? He heard it playing from the project coordinator’s radio, as he was on his way to town the previous day. One experience of listening to the story was enough for the boy to capture the story and store it in his heart.

Not all translation teams are composed of Christians. This is when we see the power of the spoken Word. In another translation workshop, two translators gave their lives to the Lord after comprehending God as a loving Father. In the following workshop, we heard from one of them how he was rejected by his whole family and kicked out of the house after he became a believer. He decided to go to the river to fish and sell his catch until he got enough money to buy a small house. He said,

"My life is better than before, so I am not turning back to my previous belief and lifestyle, no matter the cost".

As we were engaging with Matthew 18:21-35, a passage about forgiveness, he mentioned that before he gave his life to Jesus, he would immediately attack anyone who offended him. Now he has learnt to forgive. Recently, when a lady short-changed him at her shop, he heard a voice telling him to involve an elder instead of taking the matter into his own hands.

The Word of God is living and active. As people engage with Scripture it changes their lives.

By Bonifacio & Busie Paulo

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