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God Does Something Special

God Does Something Special

Thank you to all who have prayed for this ride. We know that God has heard your prayers as there are so many exciting testimonies and accounts of how we have enjoyed God’s blessing and covering throughout this journey.

Just as we assembled in Edenvale to depart, we encountered a storm with lightning and thunder. There was another in Lydenburg (literally as we drove into town) which guided us to skip a potentially hazardous section of road. We were welcomed into Bushbuckridge yesterday, on the 3rd day, with some gentle rain which we received as a blessing! The overcast cool conditions yesterday really helped on a tough day of riding.

Despite the wet conditions, we are grateful to God that we did not suffer any falls which are a high probability on wet roads such as that we encountered every day on the ride.


Yesterday morning I prayed a single prayer asking God to “do something special” for us so that the cyclists could witness His presence, especially those that perhaps still need to meet Him in a personal way.

40 kms into yesterday’s ride we encountered a lone runner, 5 kms away from Hazyview. Upon reaching him I discovered that it was a Pastor friend of mine from the God-First church in Midrand, Johannesburg. It was in his very first church that I surrendered my life to Christ on 31 August 1997. He was also an active Air Traffic controller at Air Force Base Langebaanweg in the Cape when I was a student pilot!

I felt to share this incredible “co-incidence”, or rather what I believe to be a “God-incidence", with the cyclists and indeed the MaPulana people to encourage them to trust in God who, despite His greatness, cares for us in even the smaller details of our lives.

Thank you again for your valued intercession!   It is because of your prayers and God’s faithfulness that we were able to complete this particular “assignment”!”

God bless,

Marvin (on behalf of all the cyclists and the support team on the road).

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