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Giving the gift of truth

As the year draws to a close, it is the opportune time to reflect on the year gone by, and to be thankful for everything that God has blessed us with. Many will participate in the gift buying frenzy that hits shopping centres everywhere, but there is a gift one can give that cannot be bought at a store.

The truth of God’s Word is a gift that has far reaching impact, transforming how both individuals and communities live their lives. In the materialistic world we live in, it is easy to forget that we can probably live on far less than what we have. Even as the church of Acts shared everything that they had, so that no one was in need (Acts 22:44-45), this is the way that we as believers can make a difference in the world.

It is quite likely that each of us have several Bibles in our homes. Each member of the family may have one of their own, and you may have bought several versions, so that you can cross reference Scriptures. Now imagine not having a Bible at all.

Pastor Johannes Kamwanga from Namibia was so eager to have the Old Testament in his own heart language of Thimbukushu, that he attempted to do the translation himself. He did not have the skills needed to finish the work, but much to his delight, Wycliffe has recently started the ground work for the Hambukushu Bible Translation Project in Botswana.

“It is only when you read or hear God’s truth in your own heart language, that it really transforms your life”, explained Karen Floor, CEO of Wycliffe South Africa.

At this time of celebrating the greatest Gift ever given, in the person of God's only Son, Jesus – consider giving a truth hamper this Christmas, and helping towards the work of translating the 642 languages in Africa, that still need a translation of the Bible.

Click here to give to one of our Bible Translation projects.

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