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Who Is Christ?

Our sovereign God came to earth as a child. There were MANY prophesies and promises about this coming Messiah, and many names given to him. This advent, follow some key verses that reveal truth about who Christ is. (Hover over an image to see the text in English)

John 1:41, in Joola Kaasa of Senegal
Messiah (a Hebrew term) and Christ (a Greek term) both mean “Anointed One.”
Before the birth of Jesus, a timespan of roughly 400 years had passed. All people from everywhere laid in waiting and hope for His anticipated arrival... Some thought that He would come as a progressive Messiah with a plan to overthrow the rulers of the day. Instead, He came as a little baby, a humble human, with the intention of introducing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth!
Through His selfless sacrifice, many have been changed in heart and received the honour of being called a son or daughter of God.
Join us over this Advent season as we explore the names of Christ and rediscover the Glory of our Lord and Saviour through different languages!


Psalm 118:22, in Sisaala of Ghana

Christ was born into this world and rejected by all, but He is the essential cornerstone that holds the Church up.
Join us over this Advent season as we continue to explore the names of Christ and rediscover the Glory of our Lord and Saviour through different languages!


Zechariah 3:8, in Djimini of Côte d’Ivoire


Jeshua (Joshua) in this passage and all the other priests were symbols of the Great High priest to come - Jesus. This imagery is significant because it refers to an aspect of Christ's ministry: interceding to God on our behalf, and giving us the grace we need to live a transformed life of service unto God.

Without the coming of the Branch, the Messiah, we remain the same. However, because He came, we are changed and our hope is restored!



Isaiah 7:14, in Konkomba of Ghana

The prophet Isaiah was speaking to the nation of Israel about the coming of the awaited one, Immanuel (God with us). Up until this moment, Israel had experienced bondage, slavery and a pit-fall in leadership. However, the future arrival of Christ would change all of that!

Revelation 5:5b, in Moba of Togo

In this passage of scripture, John (one of the apostles) is having a vision about the things that are to be and, in this moment, he is weeping because there has been noone who is found worthy to open the scroll with the seven seals – until Jesus steps into the scene. The elders in heaven refer to him as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The image of “the lion” portrays dignity, sovereignty, courage, and of course His lasting victory.

As you reflect on this verse today, may you be reminded of the finality of the work of Jesus on the Cross. He died as a lamb, humbly obeying God’s Will, but rose again in power as a lion, having conquered death, and was given the name above all other names. In Him alone we find grace & truth!


Revelation 7:17, in Mbuko of Cameroon

In today’s scripture we see the gentleness and authority of the Saviour. He’s portrayed as a Lamb who selflessly gave His life for His people, but also the True Shepherd, who protects and leads us to life-giving waters.
Regardless of the trials we may face on this earth, we can hold on to our Lord and Saviour!

Luke 2:11, in Rendile of Kenya

The Saviour of the World is born! (Shared in the Kenyan Language of Rendile)

Everything from Genesis to Revelation, and all that the prophets spoke of, pointed to a manger in Bethlehem. The centre of all history was encapsulated in human flesh, wrapped in the arms of a teenage mother and surrounded by humble shepherds. This scene depicts how God came into the earth to pull humanity out of the darkness by becoming the Light among us. He came for all, high and low of status, to redeem our hearts for the Father.

As we head towards Christmas day, above all the festivities and goodies, may you be reminded of the gift of Grace God has extended to you through Jesus, and strive to share it with others. ?

Merry Christmas!

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