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The Impact of God's Word

The Impact of God's Word

The Bible is more than a book... It is God's living and active Word. It speaks directly into our lives, and through it we can come to know Jesus Christ and the message of salvation!

For generations, God's Word has been having a profound impact on many people, families, communities and natoins. Words fall flat to explain the true impact of God's Word, and how it moves and works in the lives of God's children. 

"For in Him we live and move 

and have our being."

- Acts 17:28a

This Word Alive series asks the questions: "Why do you think is it important for people to have the Bible in the language of their heart?" "What does it mean to you personally to have God's Word in your language?" and "How have you seen God work in your life after receiving His Word?"

Hear testimonies and stories from people across southern Africa, who have first hand experience of receiving God's Word in their language for the first time and are working towards God's Word Alive In Every Language!


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Transformed to Transform

We thank God for this amazing testimony from Rizera Hipaku, exegetical coach of the Himba Translation in Opuwo, Namibia.

"I am a living testimony of the effect of receiving God's Word in your heart language. Through God's Word my life has been changed, and now God is using me to preach His Word and bring it to the hearts of my people."

Becoming Part of a Greater Story

Be inspired by this awesome testimony from one of the translators currently working on the Siphuthi translation, Nzuzo Potsane.

"For me, having a Bible in my mother tongue means that I have brought God into my house."

Changed By God's Word

God's Word changes us beyond what we could ever imagine! Check out this amazing testimony from Paulus Chapi, Translation Manager of the Thimbukushu Bible Translation in Botswana and Namibia.

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