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Bringing The Bible To Life

Bringing The Bible To Life




Matthew 4:4, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

On Friday 25th Nov, the Wycliffe team gathered together in the Wycliffe offices to experience a Scripture Engagement (SE) workshop. SE looks at the Bible, our lives and our communities. It is a two-way bridge, giving us access to God’s Word and giving God’s Word access to our lives. It integrates the Bible into all areas of life in creative ways, shows Biblical truths in relevant and engaging ways, and supports you as you engage with God and see Him transform you, your families, communities and the world.

Before we can engage with God’s Word, we need to have some idea about what it is. Is the Bible worth engaging with? The team explored many aspects of the Bible and important things to know about how it was made, also sharing testimonies about its impact on their lives. It was so special to realise the huge miracle that is the Bible, and the privilege of having God’s truth available to us, even more so in our own language.

There is beauty in the way that God has made us and blessed us! A big chunk of time was spent exploring what it means to be made in the image of a creative God, discovering how people in the Bible engaged with God and His Word, and identifying how God has gifted people we know and ourselves. One highlight was watching the team covering a wall in colourful post-it notes with a gift and the name of a specific person written on each. God is so good. He didn’t just resource His people in the Bible; He still gives us so many good gifts that can be used with and for Him and His Kingdom.

Other parts of the day included experiencing different forms of SE as well as different materials and mediums, getting practical, quizzes, games and challenges, and learning how to encourage and lead others in SE. A large part of the work we do with language groups across southern Africa is to empower and inspire the local community to do their own SE as they receive the Bible in their language for the first time. This is a huge privilege, to walk alongside communities as they discover the Bible and are freed to live authentic, creative and dynamic lives of faith.


Should we have a SE workshop at our church?

  • Do you spend time with the Bible? If you have a personal relationship with God, this workshop is for you: whether you teach from God’s Word, read the Bible to your kids, lead others, create worship, work in ministry, or just explore it for yourself! This is a fresh look at the Bible, ourselves and our communities; a chance to stop and appreciate what God has given us, and to be inspired and equipped in ways to engage with Him.
  • Through Wycliffe Links, teams from churches can visit language groups and have the opportunity to do SE with communities. If this is something you’re interested in, a SE workshop will be invaluable in learning the theories, skills and resources needed to serve the people you visit.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a workshop or to find out more.

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