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South African Leaders Intersect with Wycliffe Global Leadership

The Wycliffe Global Alliance leadership team, led by Kirk Franklin, meets twice a year – each time on a different continent. This year they chose to meet on the African continent in Johannesburg, and it was the privilege of the Wycliffe SA team to interact with them, including a joint outing to Soweto.

The week’s proceedings concluded with a conference on Saturday, 25 June 2016, entitled “Leaders Intersect”. Leaders from different spheres of South African business and ministry were invited to intersect with the leadership of Wycliffe SA and the Wycliffe Global Alliance. The theme for the event was “Anticipating a flourishing Africa”, which provided a forum for participants to share stories of transformation, and to creatively express what they believe it will take to see Africa flourish. Lego provided the building blocks for dynamic conversation around the theme.

There was a tangible sense of excitement as participants heard about what is happening worldwide and started to realise that collaboration will get the job done so much faster. The job in question is to make God’s Word available in every language on the continent – a vital component of seeing Africa flourish.

Master of Ceremonies, Pieter Engelbrecht, commented:

“In following up with people, it is clear that the conversation has really just started. The day was all about collaboration, and many conversations took place in this regard. This was by no means a linear type of conference, with one goal or within one industry. It crossed into many spheres, of which ours just happens to be Bible translation. It is the recognition that we are not islands on our own, and that we need each other to see a flourishing Africa come about that was so powerful.

For six hours no one in the room spoke about the multiplicity of negative things on the African continent. Our hearts and ears were poised to listen and to participate in what God is doing. A renewed faith in what God is doing in Africa was stirred up. We recognised anew the power of working together, and from Wycliffe SA’s side, we are stirred up to think about the expansion of our partnering.”

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