SA Sign Language

Language: South African Sign Language
People Group: Deaf community in South Africa
People Group Size: 600,000
Location: South Africa
Lifestyle: N/A

Translation Time-frame: 2023-2025
Translation Phase: 3
Translation Goals: 110 Visual Bible stories
Source Languages: English
Managing Partners: Hands with Words



There are approximately 600,000 individuals in South Africa who use South African Sign Language (SASL) as their first language. More than 70% of these individuals are profoundly Deaf, so SASL becomes a visual solution for those who cannot read or write. To make the Bible available to the Deaf in South Africa, a team of Deaf translators are working to translate the written English Bible into SASL in video format – a Visual Bible for the Deaf.

What the Deaf translators are actually producing is more like a study Bible in South African Sign Language -- filming each Bible story translation, together with an introduction, as well as questions and answers to each story being translated. We pray this approach will have a huge impact on the largely unchurched Deaf population.

Everything that has been translated so far can be found here.


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