Language: siPhuthi
People Group: ebaPhuthi
People Group Size: 43,000
Location: Lesotho and South Africa
Lifestyle: Subsistence farming

Translation Time-frame: October 2022 – September 2025
Completed in Phase 1: Oral Bible translation of 47 narratives from both the Old and New Testament
Translation Phase: 2
Translation Goals: Oral Bible translation of Genesis, Luke, Mark and Romans
Source Languages: Sesotho and English
Managing Partners: Wycliffe SA / Bible Society of Lesotho / Libhadla le baPhuthi


Map SiphuthiTucked in the mountains of Lesotho are the Siphuthi speaking people who have maintained their language and culture, despite the shifting cultures around them, and have been in desperate need of a Bible translation. Partnering with the Bible Society of Lesotho, translation work began in early 2019 and has been recognised and covered by national TV and radio stations.

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Luke 2:1-20, The Birth of Jesus


Siphuthi song, "Babe Whetfu"

(Our Father)

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