The work of Bible Translation requires concerted and fervent prayer.  Prayer plays a major role in preparing the ground for a translation project to begin.  It is also vital in bringing a translation to completion, the final and essential step before God’s Word can be launched into a community.  We invite you to become a Prayer Partner today and to pray with a growing number of believers passionate about seeing God’s Word come alive in each and every language!


Please pray for the following people groups:
  1. Hambukushu
  2. Himba
  3. San
  4. Tonga
Click on each people group to download a prayer profile card.
The profile cards provide information about each people group along with specific prayer points.
For further information regarding the financial requirements of each project, visit the GIVE page.


  • The 300 million Bibleless people in almost 2,000 language communities around the globe
  • Our continent Africa which has the greatest number of Bible Translation needs – 800 languages still without any form or part of the Bible
  • Our region southern Africa, where there are at least 110 languages still needing Bible translations
  • Local leadership, as without them translations may not receive the endorsement needed for people to freely feed on the Word
  • Translators and their families as they face many challenges, leaving their regular source of income to devote themselves to the long-term work of translation
  • Unity between translation partners – partnerships are complex, but vital to God’s blessing on the sensitive work of Bible Translation
  • Those who serve translation teams in a wide range of technical and administrative support roles
  • The Lord of the Harvest to release the resources needed to start and complete the highly specialised work of Bible Translation


KWANDU, Angola - 6,000 speakers

The Kwandu people are survivors.  Over 100 years ago, facing the threat of slavery, this resourceful community relocated into the Serra das Neves mountains.  They now live on a high plateau that can only be reached by an 8-hour climb on foot or by helicopter.  They grow family gardens and sell their herds at the regional market below the plateau.

Most of the people, driven by fear, adhere to age-old tribal prejudices.  However, when Christians from surrounding groups set aside ethnic prejudices, the community began to ask questions and became more open to the Gospel. The beginning of Scripture translation in the heart language of the Kwandu is a long-awaited answer to prayer that will solidify the faith of young Kwandu believers and promote evangelism.

Your prayers help translators and their families face problems such as sickness, conflict and spiritual opposition that can threaten their work.

CHUWABO, Mozambique - 947,000 speakers

The Chuwabo are a large people group, known for their resilience and vast coconut plantations.  The civil war is still fresh in the memory of the people, yet they show positive signs of recovery.  One of their favourite sayings is “Olibiya murima” meaning strengthen your heart.

In 2015, believers had the joy of celebrating the translation of the Gospel of Mark into their heart language.

While visiting the home of a Chuwabo Christian, the leader of a traditional organisation listened to a recording of the Gospel of Mark.  He was deeply moved by what he heard and took a printed copy of Mark home with him.  He went on to call a meeting of the other leaders and shared the “good news” with them.  The leaders began meeting regularly to study Mark, and soon they had all decided to give up their former beliefs and follow Jesus.

Your prayers help to speed up progress in translating Genesis and the rest of the Bible.  

NYANEKA, Angola – 600,000 speakers

Most Nyaneka people still live in their traditional home lands on a high plateau of Angola’s fertile savanna. They are mainly goat and cattle herders, but also cultivators to an extent.  Only a few live in urban centres or in the semi-arid coastal plain west of Lubango which experiences severe heat.

Praise God for a real hunger for His Word among the Nyaneka.  They have been asking for a Bible translation for decades, and now the time has come!

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