Kamukuio Cluster

Languages: Humbe, Kuvale and Kwandu
People Groups: Humbe, Kuvale and Kwandu
People Group Size: 196,000
Location: Angola
Lifestyle: livestock and small-scale cultivation

Translation Time-frame: 2018-2021
Completed in Phase 1 & 2: Oral and written translations of 43 Old and New Testament passages
Translation Phase: 3
Translation Goals: Oral translation of 75 Bible narratives
Source Languages: Portuguese
Managing Partners: Wycliffe SA / IESA

The Kamukuio translation serves 3 language groups, all accessible from Kamukuio town in the southwest of Angola. Some live further south, and others live up on a nearby mountain. These groups live on ancestral land, although recent migrations and relocations have occurred due to the civil war. They rely on livestock and small-scale cultivation to make a living, and are a traditionally oral people with around 95% practicing African traditional religion.

Although the Kwandu and Humbe have been exposed to the Gospel, the Kuvale people have almost no believers or churches. Other major obstacles include poverty and identity confusion among the language groups. This causes some ethnic groups to totally avoid each other, even in the church. Despite these tensions, young Christians are showing a greater openness to interacting with fellow Christians of different ethnic groups. Access to oral Bible stories in their heart languages is becoming a catalyst to greater harmony and unity among the diverse language groups in the Kamukuio area.

Phase 3 of the translation commenced during 2020, and the translation team is now working while also adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols. The consultant, who is based in Brazil, connects and communicates with the team via email and WhatsApp. In order for the team to continue working, they require additional equipment. Praise God that Angola has now opened its borders, meaning that planning for the consultant to visit the team and sourcing of the required equipment can now begin.


  • For the team to continue working in a safe environment.
  • That the required resources will reach the team soon and for safe travel for the consultant.
  • For the full recovery of the Kwandu language team facilitator, idalina, who has fallen ill.
  • For good internet connection.

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