Language: Kaaps
People Group: Kaaps
People Group Size: 3,000,000
Location: South Africa
Lifestyle: Urban

Translation Time-frame: Pending
Translation Phase:
Translation Goals: Translation of the New Testament
Source Languages: English and Afrikaans
Managing Partners: Wycliffe SA


Map Kaaps

Kaaps is spoken mainly by the Coloured community in the Cape Flats; a part of Cape Town in South Africa. It can be traced back to the 1500s where it developed as a language used for trade interactions between indigenous peoples, settlers and traders passing through. Until recently it has been treated as a dialect of Afrikaans, but it likely predates Afrikaans and has its own unique form that has evolved in tandem with the culture of its speakers in a way that makes it distinct from the more widely spoken Afrikaans language.

Today’s Kaaps speakers are descendants of the multiple ethnicities that lived in the Cape region under European colonisation, including Malays, Khoisan and other African peoples, many of whom were enslaved and oppressed. Through the generations, their language and identity have been stigmatised and ridiculed. But for all they’ve been through, the Kaaps culture is vibrant and colourful, known for their unique cultural music and creative verbal expressions. As they embrace their identity afresh, the translation of God’s Word into Kaaps brings further validation that they are utterly treasured and wonderfully made; a message with the power to heal centuries of discrimination.

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