Huila Cluster

Languages: oluHanda, oluCilenge, !Xun
People Group: Bantu (oluHanda, oluCilenge) and San (!Xun)
People Group Size: 200,000 oluHanda, 120,000 oluCilenge, and 3,000 !Xun
Location: Huila Province in Angola
Lifestyle: Semi-nomadic and pastoral

Translation Time-frame: March 2023 - March 2024
Completed in Phase 1: A total of 59 stories & 12 songs (!Xun 16 stories & 4 songs; OluCilenge 25 stories & 5 songs; OluHanda 18 stories & 3 songs) 
Translation Phase: 2
Translation Goals: Oral Bible translation of Genesis
Source Languages: Nyaneka and Portuguese
Managing Partners: Wycliffe SA / IESA church


Map HuilaThe !Xun are an extremely isolated Bushmen group that have largely been without any Christian witness until recently. They are scattered across Angola, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Until 2023 the communities of Handa and Cilenge have been coming together with the !Xun speakers in the Huila province of Angola four times a year to collaborate on their respective Bible translations. As of 2023 they continued as stand-alone translation projects.

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oluHanda: Genesis 2


oluCilenge: Luke 10:38-42


!Xun: Exodus 20:1-17


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