Language: Thimbukushu
People Group: Hambukushu
People Group Size: 60,000 (approximate estimate)
Location: Botswana & Namibia
Lifestyle: Farming and fishing

Translation Time-frame: To start in 2022
Completed in Phases 1 & 2 : 43 Old Testament stories were recorded, transcribed and distributed, and a written translation of the book of Genesis was completed.
Translation Phase: 3 (pending)
Translation Goals: TBC
Source Languages: Thimbukushu, Setswana and English
Managing Partners: Wycliffe SA / Botshelo Trust / Bible Society of Namibia, Bible Society of Botswana

“We come from a tough life, but since I got closer to the Word of God, things started to change!” These are the words of Paulus Chapi, project manager for the Hambukushu Bible translation. The Hambukushu are a cross border group of about 60,000 people that reside in northern Namibia and now also in Botswana after being displaced there due to war.  They are primarily an oral people.

After several years of making plans and dreaming about what a Bible translation could look like for their people, the oral translation work finally got going in early 2018. By the start of 2020, all phase 1 passages were cleared by the consultant in both oral and written form. The teams then worked hard to produce booklets and devices to be able to share God's Word within their communities. Once produced, delivery was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, they did eventually arrive and the team moved to phase 2, which was a 1-year long phase with the objective of completing a full written translation of the book of Genesis.

Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the team has now managed to complete phase 2 of translation, which was wrapped up at the end of September 2021. Plans are currently in progress for the distribution of these Scriptures. Going forward, the project will be managed by the Bible Societies of Botswana and Namibia.


  • Praise that phase 2 has been completed, despite COVID-19 Restrictions.
  • For the distribution of translated Scriptures, and hearts that are hungry for the Word of God.
  • Wisdom for the partners who will take over management of the project; that they will be equipped with all that's needed to take the work further.

Psalm 23

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