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Identifying details have been changed for security reasons

Language: Kiibo, Kichokwe, Kikabe, Kikhuxanga 
People Group: Kiibo, Kichokwe, Kikabe, Kikhuxanga
People Group Size: 120,000, 22,000, 517,000 and 380,000
Location: Southern Africa
Lifestyle: Fishing, farming, trading and wood carving

Translation Time-frame: Sep 2020 - March 2024
Translation Phase: 1
Translation Goals: Oral Bible translation of 60 narratives per language from both the Old and New Testament
Source Languages: Lingua franca of the country and neighbouring languages
Managing Partners: Wycliffe SA / local organisations


These four language groups live in an area where the dominant religion is not Christian. Over time, the number of believers has grown steadily. One of the languages already had some Scripture, but in 2017 they requested more Old Testament Oral Scriptures. This request was further reinforced after a devastating natural disaster in 2019 that destroyed several villages.

When relief aid was being brought to the people, mission organisations reported a huge interest in audio Scripture. Availability of translated Scriptures into these four languages will help to make the God of the Bible known in an environment where it is very challenging and dangerous to preach the Gospel. 

In the last few years, the region from which the language communities involved in this project come has been affected by armed conflict, making it unsafe to share many details about this project.

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Daniel 3:1-18 (Kikabe)


Daniel 6:1-18 (Kiibo)


Exodus 3:1-10 (Kikhuxanga)


John 8:1-11 (Kichokwe)


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